Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ooh la la! Ideas are Everywhere!

A number of blogs have recently been posting on other Paris-inspired parties. It's very exciting to see how typical Parisian designs can be interpreted in so many different ways. I have listed some blog links below showcasing some of my favorite parties.

The image below can be found at Hostess with the Mostess. The French circus-inspired baby shower looked gorgeous and I absolutely love how the stylish umbrellas were hanging from the ceiling. This is the type of party I would like to do, mostly because of the vintage style elements that were used throughout the party. I am also planning to do a photo op and I may include some props for the guests to playfully use.

The color theme I am working on will be black, pink and white. shows a great example of how I want to use these colors at the party. It also shows that the candy buffet doesn't need to be very elaborate.

Icing Designs threw a birthday party choosing a "Paris in the Springtime" theme. Pink and champagne colors were elegantly used. It almost makes me want to change my color theme to these colors instead! The antique style frame and tissue paper poms also add a wonderful touch to the dessert table.

Five Lucky Charms posted another Parisian birthday party. I love the idea of the girls decorating their own hats with ribbons and buttons. Madeline (also my daughter's name), from the classic storybooks, is known to wear a ribbon hat. This same idea can be designated at a table station at my daughter's birthday party, where the girls (and boys - hats with blue ribbons?) can decorate their hats. I remember seeing these hats at the 99 Cents store, but that was around the Easter holiday. I'm hoping the store is still selling them.

I'm waiting for my tissue paper order to arrive this week so that I can start making my pom poms. They'll be used as part of the table centerpieces, candy buffet table, and the main decoration table. I cannot wait to make these!

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  1. Interesting finds! Thanks! Can't wait to see your stuff!