Thursday, April 7, 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bunting Banner {Free Printable}

As I mentioned in my previous post, my son Ethan, celebrated his 4th birthday last week at Disneyland and had a very last-minute party at our house with a group of family members and a few friends. 

We had a great time at Disneyland mostly because Ethan was able to finally go on a good number of rides, despite the extremely hot weather that day. We even stayed for the fireworks display show that evening, which was worth it. It felt like we were in a Disney commercial where you see parents holding their happy kids on their shoulders, watching the various colorful lights exploding in the sky. It was such a "Disney" moment. 

Ethan's birthday party last Saturday was very casual. There really wasn't a theme, except for a little bit of some Easter related activities, such as the egg hunt and I included some bunny-themed favors (bunny ear headband, Easter candy, stickers, etc.) in these cute little Easter pails from the Dollar Store. 

I had also quickly designed some party prints earlier that week. I normally take months of careful preparation when planning parties, but because we decided to throw this party out of the blue, I had to do some quick thinking. I kept reminding myself to not spend so much time worrying about the details and to just have fun. 

Because these designs were done so quickly, I didn't feel right putting these in my shop, so lucky for you, I'm offering the bunting banner for FREE! If time permits, I'll also try my best to make the tags and party sign available (and with enough interest) for free downloading as well! Of course, I'll have to change up the text in the files. 

For now, here is your free download of the bunting banner that reads, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" with 2 cupcake designed pennants. 

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  1. Hi, I just got connected to your blog/fb. Thanks so much for this free download! I'm doing almost all the deco for my baby boy's 1st birthday (Dohl)due to budget. I love this as I'm doing a whole blue/white theme so it will be perfect! Have you also added the tags and party sign for free download? Thanks again! Rosemary