Monday, June 20, 2011

Updated Paris Passport Invitation Designs

Another happy customer received their package of invitation prints today and was thrilled with how they turned out! She ordered my Paris Passport invitation prints and wanted to incorporate a damask pattern and have the circle text design layered over the cover. She also opted to not include any photos.

I was so excited to receive her email today with the following comment:

"They are totally amazing!  Thanks!  I will definitely be ordering from you again."

Yay! Another happy customer!

Here's another design available for the inside card. This was for another customer who also loved how the invitations turned out! She only wanted to include one photo of herself for the inside card. She looked absolutely stunning. I couldn't even tell she was pregnant.

For more information on ordering prints, please see here.


  1. How much they cost? And how do I order them? I loved it!!!!

  2. Thanks so much! Contact me at Flipawoo(@) for more information.