Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Circus or Carnival Party Printable Premium Set | Real Parties

Thank you to Melissa who provided me photos of her twin's 1st birthday party, which took place back in July. She used the Circus or Carnival Party Printable Premium Set, which is now available in my shop. It's always exciting to see how customers use my party designs throughout their party. She did a wonderful job!

Here is what Melissa shared:

I am so pleased with how every thing turned out! We used vanilla cupcakes with white frosting and red polka dots. The twins each had vanilla smash cakes with the #1 in red on them. We purchased the cupcakes, cupcake tower and smash cakes from All Things Cake,  in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They gave us 2 free smash cakes and said I would be double-charged the rest of my life, haha! 

Since we were having a circus party of mostly adults, with a few cousins and close friends' children, I needed something to entertain the adults, and about 10 kids. We rented a dunk tank from Joyful Jumps. This was a huge hit, since the adults got to dunk the kids. 

My twins were born 3 months early. When they came home from the hospital, we kept them in a bubble through flu and rsv season, so this party was also their coming out party. They were definitely the center of attention. 

For party favors, we gave gold fish in a bag soap. These can be purchased from Etsy or eBay. I bought the fish from eBay, which came with instructions and I bought everything else from Hobby Lobby. The kids loved them and  a few friends told me their kids were determined to get the fish out of the soap that night at bath time.

I knew this day would be special to me and I had no idea what theme to choose for a boy and a girl. I looked through invites for weeks, and then I came across your designs and everything else just fell into place. I hope any of these details will help others.

Thank you Melissa!

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